Are You Looking For A Solution For Persistent Neck and Shoulder Pain That Causes Headaches Or Disrupts Your Sleep?

Are you fed up with your neck feeling stiff and restricted?

Does the pain spread into your shoulder blade, down your arm or into your head?

Do you long for relief from the pain and for the ability to move freely…. but unsure what to do next?

Physio7 could have the answers that you are searching for…

Does this sound like you?

Neck and shoulder pain often appears without warning. Perhaps it started after doing some DIY or gardening?

Some of the clients we treat wake with neck and shoulder pain, for no apparent reason. Others felt a click or twinge in the neck and the pain gradually built up over the next few days.

They usually hoped that the pain would resolve on its own, but it didn’t.

Many of those people with neck and shoulder pain in Ipswich have already been to see a healthcare provider. Unfortunately, 90% of these people are told to “just rest it” or “take some painkillers” At best, they are given a sheet of generic exercises…

Sadly, this will only get you so far.

While rest and painkillers may offer temporary relief, they do not address the root cause of the pain. And some exercises can aggravate your symptoms if they are not tailored to your needs.

The reality is that neck and shoulder pain needs targeted treatment and rehabilitation, based upon a detailed examination.

You’ve probably already received plenty of advice about your neck & shoulder pain from friends, family…. and Dr Google! It’s likely that most of this information was contradictory and left you feeling more confused…. and no closer to making a decision about how to get the problem sorted.

If any of this sounds like you, we’d love to help you clarify what your problems are…. and move forward on the journey towards relief of your neck and shoulder pain.

How do we help you get results?


Our in-depth assessment will help uncover:

  • WHAT hurts
  • WHY it hurts (those vital underlying problems)

Treatment with our 4-Step System will help to:

  • RELIEVE pain
  • RELEASE stiff joints and tight muscles in the neck & shoulder
  • CONTROL your movements to offload the painful areas
  • STRENGTHEN your body to make you more resilient

Why not take one of the options below and let us help you make the right decisions about getting your neck and shoulder pain better?

1. Ready to Get Going with Treatment Right Away?

If you’re ready to start getting relief, hands-on treatment and a customised programme to solve the root cause of the problem and get you back to the things you love, use the button below to get started!

What to book?

If you have a new injury or a flare up of an old injury, book in for a standard 40 minute assessment.
If you have 2 or more problems, or you have a complex single issue (you have probably been treated previously by other therapists), book in for a 55 minute assessment.

2. Request a FREE telephone consultation

Click below to request a completely free telephone consultation to have all your questions answered, with absolutely no obligation to book.
Not in the mood to chat? Feel free to email us a potted history of your problem and we’ll respond over email.

Did you know?

  • The neck and shoulder region is comprised of a complex network of muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. The intricate structure makes it susceptible to various injuries, including joint dysfunction, muscle strains, tension, and inflammation.
  • Modern lifestyles often involve activities that encourage forward head posture, where the head juts forward from the shoulders. This can strain the neck joints and muscles, and contribute to chronic pain issues.
  • Studies suggest that women may be more prone to neck pain than men. Hormonal factors and differences in muscle mass and structure are among the potential contributors to this gender difference.

What our patients say….

"I'd had horrendous neck pain for 5 days that not even strong painkillers could shift when I went to see Chris. By the end of the appointment the pain had eased dramatically and I could fully turn my head. The next day I awoke completely pain free. Chris is extremely knowledgable and a genuinely nice guy, even taking the time to address another issue he could detect with my back during the appointment. I cannot recommend Chris highly enough and will certainly look no further next time I'm in need of Physio treatment."

"Chris was brilliant in helping me recover from my shoulder injury. During the initial assessment he fully explained everything in everyday language and this continued throughout the whole recovery process so I always knew what he was doing and what to except. Can't recommend Physio7 and Chris enough!"

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