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Could You Get Out of Pain
and Bulletproof Your Body?

We aim to uncover the underlying problems causing your pains
so that treatment offers long-lasting relief

Can we help you?

  • Do you suffer from muscle or joint aches and pains?
  • Feeling stiff, weak or fragile?
  • Struggling to do the things you love?
  • Finding it difficult to get to the bottom of chronic or persistent aches and pains?

We understand that your first priority is to get out of pain fast. We make it our priority too.

At Physio7, we also believe in uncovering the real reasons why you suffer. Our detailed examinations uncover the underlying problems that caused your problems, and we go to work on rectifying those issues using our unique 4-step system.

We strive to go beyond pain relief, and to leave you feeling fitter, stronger and more mobile. After all, you shouldn’t have to simply cope, we want you to thrive.

To get to the bottom of chronic and persistent aches and pains, book your physiotherapy consultation in Ipswich today.

4 Steps to Heal


Relief of inflammation, muscle spasm and sensitive tissues. Treatment of painful trigger points that can refer pain up or down your body.


Specific mobilising techniques that free the joints to roll, spin and glide as nature intended. Release of tight and restricted muscles and fascia.


Movement control exercises to reduce uncontrolled translation (that can lead to wear and tear of the joint) and strengthen through your full range ot motion.


Balancing the loads placed on your tissues, with the capacity of your tissues to tolerate that load. Aiming for strong, resilient tissues and high performance.

What our clients say

7 physio sessions with Chris over 4 months and I am now completely pain free for the first time in years. I’m now back to strength training and enjoying doing martial arts again. After years of near constant pain I still catch myself flinching every now and again expecting a huge jolt of nerve pain from my lower back, and being pleasantly surprised when it doesn’t occur.
Matt Johnstone
Web designer & martial artist
I've already recommended several people to Physio7 because they are that good. Chris manages to fuel my belief in my body and offers the treatment my body needs to achieve the things I want to achieve. He always shows a genuine interest, he puts my mind at rest when he shares his knowledge around running injuries, and he always follows my events and contacts me after they have finished to offer feedback on the results. He is a mentor, not just a physio.
Mark Curtis
1st British finisher in Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon 2016


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