Don’t Cope, Thrive!

We understand that your first priority is to get out of pain fast. We make it our priority too.

At Physio7, we also believe in getting to the root causes of your aches and pains. Our detailed examinations uncover the underlying problems that caused your problems, and we go to work on rectifying those issues.

We strive to go beyond pain relief, and to leave you feeling fitter, stronger and more mobile. After all, you shouldn't have to cope, we want you to thrive!

To get to the bottom of chronic and persistent aches and pains, book an assessment today.

Can You Help Me?

  • Suffering from muscle or joint aches and pains?
  • Feeling stiff, weak or fragile?
  • Struggling to do the things you love?
  • Finding it difficult to get to the bottom of chronic or persistent aches and pains?

The underlying problems that cause chronic and persistent pains have usually built up over many months or years. We have helped thousands of people like you relieve pain and optimise their health by getting to the root cause of their problems.

If after an examination we cannot help you, we will find the best healthcare professional that can.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Physio7 | Expert Physio in Ipswich
five starsMy advice to anyone who has an injury, or even a slight niggle which you are trying to pretend isn’t hurting, is to get into the treatment room with Chris Spurling and keep your dreams on track.