Are You Suffering From Nagging Knee Pain & Stiffness That Stops You From Doing What You Love?

Are you tired of living with persistent knee pain?

Do you long for the freedom to move without limitations?

Have you been told that knee pain is “normal” at your age?

Physio7 could have the answers that you are searching for…

Does this sound like you?

Many people with knee pain in Ipswich are told to “just rest it” and “take some pain killers“…

At best they are given a sheet of generic exercises.

Sadly, this will only get you so far.

While these measures may offer temporary relief, they do not address the root cause of the pain.

The truth is, someone with knee pain often needs targeted treatment to get the joint moving better, improve joint health and minimise the risk of the pain becoming persistent or chronic…… or the need for risky surgery.

You’ve probably been given conflicting advice about your knee pain by friends and family. Maybe one person told you to rest it, while another told you to try YouTube exercises? Maybe one recommended using ice while another said to use heat?

Being told lots of contradictory things can leave you struggling to make a decision. 

The reality is that some people are sent for knee surgery too quickly… And once you’ve had it, there’s no turning back.

It’s wise to try a natural, proven method before opting for risky surgical options. That’s where we can help!

How do we help you get results?


Our in-depth assessment will help uncover:

  • WHAT hurts
  • WHY it hurts (those vital underlying problems)

Treatment with our 4-Step System will help to:

  • RELIEVE pain
  • RELEASE stiff parts of the knee joint and tight muscles
  • CONTROL your movements to offload the painful areas
  • STRENGTHEN your body to make you more resilient

Why not take one of the options below and let us help you make the right decisions about getting your knee pain better?

1. Ready to Get Going with Treatment Right Away?

If you’re ready to start getting relief, hands-on treatment and a customised programme to solve the root cause of the problem and get you back to the things you love, use the button below to get started!

What to book?

If you have a new injury or a flare up of an old injury, book in for a standard 40 minute assessment.
If you have 2 or more problems, or you have a complex single issue (you have probably been treated previously by other therapists), book in for a 55 minute assessment.

2. Request a FREE telephone consultation

Click below to request a completely free telephone consultation to have all your questions answered, with absolutely no obligation to book.
Not in the mood to chat? Feel free to email us a potted history of your problem and we’ll respond over email.

Did you know?

  • The knee joint bears a significant amount of body weight during activities like walking, running, and standing. Each step we take can exert a force on the knee joint that is several times our body weight.
  • Women are more prone to certain knee injuries, including anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears, due to differences in anatomy and biomechanics.
  • Incorporating a variety of exercises, including strength training, flexibility exercises, and low-impact activities, can contribute to overall knee health and reduce the risk of injury.

What our patients say….

"Chris is my "go to guy" when I need help recuperating or rehabilitating. He has fixed several different ailments on many occasions, and over the years I have learned the importance of seeking help as soon as possible after the injury occurs. Chris has consistently given swift, accurate diagnosis, on the spot treatment, provided a recovery plan & follow-up enquiries & advice. Fantastic knowledge & great communication. Top fella. Would not hesitate to recommend."

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