Working from home during Lockdown

For those of you working from home, we have put together some resources to help you set up your desk, set up a temporary standing desk, and perform some exercises during your breaks: Keep well, and try to look after

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Understanding Your Body: The Kinetic Chain

WHAT IS THE KINETIC CHAIN? Consider, for a moment, that your body is a machine that is made up of lots of individual parts that are given mobility by joints. When you move, the parts of your body act as

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‘Easy Strength’ Review by Chris Spurling

Easy Strength  How to Get a Lot Stronger Than Your Competition—And Dominate in Your Sport By Pavel Tsatsouline and Dan John Buy here on Amazon REVIEW BY CHRIS SPURLING Easy Strength is essentially a transcript of a strength and conditioning conversation

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Achilles problems? Stiff ankles? Check out Chris’s video….

Stretch and Release Techniques for Achilles Tendinopathy (and stiff ankles!) Physio Chris Spurling shows you some simple home treatment techniques for those hard to treat Achilles tendon problems.

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The evidence is a bit sketchy, but I’m a great believer in compression for controlling swelling immediately after soft tissue injuries, or to help control the effects of microtrauma after hard exercise. have some nice deals on compression clothing, with

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Running injuries talk- book now!

Fri 13th March 2015 6.30pm-8.00pm at the Physio7 treatment rooms, Sports Masseur Alison Cook and Physio Chris Spurling are hosting a talk on running injury treatment and prevention. We can only accommodate 20 runners this time around, so book your

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Achilles Tendinopathy (Tendinitis) Video

Achilles Tendonitis (now usually called Achilles Tendinopathy)

Check out Chris’s video guide to Achilles Tendinopathy for runners………

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Running Shoe Selection

Excellent article from the American College of Sports Medicine on running shoe selection. Just remember to read the ‘Transition from old shoe to new shoe’ section carefully. In my own experience, this process can take a year or more. I

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The Problem with Carbs….

Many runners and athletes are now using low carbohydrate diets so that they can improve the ability of their body to burn fat. Research now shows that high carb diets can contribute to mental health problems such as dementia. Click

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Physio7 | Expert Physio in Ipswich
five starsChris quickly diagnosed the root cause of my pain and reassured me that it could be put right. Over the course of a handful of sessions, Chris had realigned the base of my spine, relieved the pain and given me a number of exercises to strengthen the area, thereby giving me peace of mind that there would be no relapse. I have the greatest respect for Chris and can only thank him for his professional, friendly approach, which made the entire process a relaxed and worry-free experience. I am confidently recommending Physio7 to all of my family and friends