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What our patients have said…

Ankle impingment, seen 2 and a half weeks before the Marathon

“I had been training for the London Marathon for nearly a year and then with 4 weeks to go, disaster struck; I had sharp pains in the outside of my ankle every time I ran, even a short distance. I buried my head in the sand for the first 7 days and thought it would all be OK and that some rest would sort it out. After a week there was no progress, so I called Chris who was treating my sister, who also hoped to run the Marathon. After only 10 days of treatment and ‘self help’ advice, I was back to light jogging, and after another week I was back to full training. I went on to run the Marathon in full and raise around £3000 for a great charity. My advice to anyone who has an injury, or even a slight niggle which you are trying to pretend isn’t hurting, is to get into the treatment room with Chris Spurling and keep your dreams on track.”
P Groom (Store Manager)

Acute low back pain caused by a misaligned sacro-iliac joint

“I first saw Chris Spurling after an accident at home which resulted in low back pain. The pain was affecting my ability to work and was getting me down, so I was anxious about what could be done to help. I left the initial consultation feeling optimistic as Chris quickly diagnosed the root cause of my pain and reassured me that it could be put right. Over the course of a handful of session, Chris had realigned the base of my spine, relived the pain and given me a number of exercises to strengthen the area, thereby giving me peace of mind that there would be no relapse. I have the greatest respect for Chris and can only thank him for his professional, friendly approach, which made the entire process a relaxed and worry-free experience. I am confidently recommending Physio7 to all of my family and friends.”
C Dobson (Loss Adjuster)

Ankle Sprain before the London Marathon

10 weeks before my first London Marathon, I sprained my ankle whilst on a short 8 mile training run.  After resting for 2 weeks, the doctor confirmed a sprain and recommended Physio treatment.  I knew that I couldn’t wait for the NHS appointment, being so close to the Marathon, so I contacted Chris at Physio 7, upon recommendation from a friend and fellow marathon runner.  I met with Chris for my initial consultation 7 weeks before the marathon, and I was pleased with the thoroughness of the first consultation, which included running gait analysis on the treadmill.  Within a week I was running 3 miles and gradually built this up, so I was back to a 15 mile long run within 4 weeks of my initial consultation.  I was impressed by Chris’ professional approach and found him very relateable as he was already a marathon runner and so, spoke from experience.  I learnt far more from him about running in those 7 weeks of treatment than I have ever done, as Chris gave me advice about training schedules, diet and marathon techniques.  When my brother tore the ligaments in his foot 4 weeks before the marathon, I was keen to get him an appointment with Chris and I am convinced that, without his help, neither of us would have been able to run the London Marathon, and complete it!  Even with injuries, given the right Physio treatment, we were still able to run the marathon and not waste the 9 months of training and huge sponsorship drive that we had endured.
R Rudge (Deputy Headteacher)

Back and neck pain after a whiplash injury

“Following a car accident in which I received whiplash injuries, I was recommended to seek help from Physio7. I was put in touch with Chris Spurling, who I found to be extremely professional, and immediately reassured me that I could be helped. Diagnosis was quick, and treatment thoroughly explained. After a course of 6 sessions consisting of massage and exercises, my symptoms disappeared, but I was given exercises to maintain flexibility of my back and neck. I can’t thank Physio7 enough, and would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone”.

C Pearce (Supermarket Operative)

Neck and shoulder pain after a whiplash injury

“I was in a car accident which caused a whiplash injury to my neck and badly jarred an old shoulder injury. Not only was I in constant discomfort, but the injuries really affected my quality of life, with my fitness levels significantly reduced after 9 months of avoiding exercise.

The physio at Physio7 was able to pinpoint the source of the problem, and targeted the area with a combination of massage and physiotherapy. After 6 treatment sessions, I regained full mobility, was almost pain-free, and had returned to a full and active life. I have had treatment from 6 or 7 physios in the past, but Chris at Physio7 was by far the most effective and caring.”

I Selby (Sales Manager and Recreational Runner, Cyclist & Footballer)

Shin Splints when Marathon training

“When I developed shin splints whilst training for the London Marathon it was a massive blow to my confidence- I didn’t think I would be able to continue training, let alone run on the day. Shin splints do not make for a pleasant running experience! I wasn’t prepared to let my place go to waste so decided to seek help. My first appointment at Physio7 involved an assessment to confirm the injury and rule out other possible reasons for the pain I felt when running. This included a biomechanical assessment and video analysis of my running style.
Once confirmed, I booked in for regular shin and calf massages to release the tightness in my lower legs, and specific exercises and stretches to correct my running stance. The treatment got rid of my shin splints completely and on the 17th April 2011 I completed my first London Marathon, shin splint free.
N Richardson (Marketing Manager and Runner)

Neck and low back pain after a whiplash injury

“After being involved in a car accident, I was left with lower back pain and severe whiplash injuries to my neck. This caused me to suffer from broken sleep, time off from work, and I was unable to carry out my normal sporting activities,

I visited Physio7 and after 2 sessions of physio manipulation, plus doing the exercises I was taught, I was free from the lower back pain I had since the accident. I had a further 3 sessions which cleared up the whiplash injuries to my neck, and now I am back to where I was prior to my accident. Thank God!”

K Walker (British Gas Engineer and Health Club member)

Neck and shoulder pain after a whiplash injury

“Following a minor car accident, I was referred to Physio7 for treatment on my neck and shoulders. I had been in constant pain for several weeks, but in only 2 sessions I was able to reduce my pain relief.
The therapist mobilised my joints and I was given exercises to keep my muscles loose. With each treatment I felt much better, and by the final session I was off medication and living a normal life again. I can honestly say that physiotherapy has given my life back to me, and cannot thank Physio7 enough.”
M Moore (Professional Artist)

3 year history of hip pain

“I was referred to Physio7 after 3 years suffering from hip joint pain after a car accident. I had 4 sessions allotted to me. After the first appointment, the reduction in pain made me realise how much pain I had been in for the previous 3 years. Over the following weeks, Chris gave me a number of exercises to complete and I now control any residual twinges with these exercises. If only I’d known I just needed some manipulation I would have done it years ago.”
C Saunders (Police Officer)