Specialised Sports Massage for Peak Performance & Optimised Well-being

  • Struggling with muscle soreness or tension?

  • Looking to improve your athletic performance…. or simply improve your well-being?

  • Curious to experience the rejuvenating effects of targeted muscle relief?

Physio7 might just have the answers you are after….



Physio Chris brings a wealth of experience and specialist expertise in sports massage, ensuring that you receive a treatment plan designed to address your unique needs and goals.

Targeted Muscle Relief


Our sports massage treatments focus on relieving muscle tension, stimulating healing, and improving circulation and mobility.

Effective Therapeutic Techniques


We use a variety of therapeutic techniques, including deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and instrument assisted therapy. These methods are chosen based on your condition and your goals.

Client Education


We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge. During sessions, we provide insights into self-care practices, stretching exercises, and lifestyle adjustments to support your ongoing well-being.

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"I went to see Chris at Physio7 for a sports massage and general appraisal of my calves. He worked on my calves, loosening them up nicely for my half marathon and gave me some excellent advice which sorted out my legs a treat. Very professional! Excellent work. Would recommend."

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