Sports Massage

A Sports Massage will help reduce the aches and pains caused by sport, injury, or simply the stresses and strains of daily life.

It is used to relax and rejuvenate injured and tense muscles and connective tissues, and tends to be deeper than pamper style massages.

Sports massage should always be tailored to your individual needs, so we take time to discover your injury history and your massage preferences before we start to iron out those knots.

Who loves a good sports massage?

  • Recreational runners with tight and tender legs and backs.
  • Office workers who sit hunched over a desk all day and get tight in their backs, necks and shoulders.
  • Manual workers with stiff and tight backs, neck, shoulders, arms and legs.
  • Athletes who want to improve performance, prevent injuries or recover after a big event or match.


I went to see Chris at Physio7 for a sports massage and general appraisal of my calves.
He worked on my calves, loosening them up nicely for my half marathon and gave me some excellent advice which sorted out my legs a treat. Very professional! Excellent work.
Would recommend.

S Wilcox (Google Review)

Not sure if we can help? – Free phone consultation available

You may like to take advantage of our FREE 10 minute phone consultation service to talk with a Physiotherapist prior to booking any treatment. The consultation will not involve an examination but it will be an opportunity to discuss your particular problem and whether you feel we can help you. Call us on 01473 569 007 to see if we can help.