Whether you’re a sub-three hour marathon runner pushing for a new personal best, a Sunday jogger trying to shake that nagging injury or you are just attempting your first run round the block, we believe we can help.

Physio7’s Chris Spurling is now an ultramarathon runner despite being something of a ‘biomechanical mess’! He has worked out how to improve his own running style and train sensibly so that he is able to run further than marathon distances regularly. He loves helping those people who run with inefficient and potentially harmful running patterns, and guiding them through the rehabilitation process.

Runner’s MOT


The ‘Runners MOT’ examination with Chris provides an in depth assessment to uncover the root causes of your running injuries.

Move Better


We use slow-motion video analysis of your running style to help us spot biomechanical and technical faults. After all, you can’t get to the bottom of complex running injuries without looking at how you run.

Improve Technique


We’ll trial and test different running cues to improve your running style and minimise the likelihood of injuries.

Uncover Stiff and Weak Links


The ‘Runners MOT’ examination involves a head to toe assessment of your joint mobility, muscle flexibility, strength and stability, balance co-ordination and movement patterns.

We aim to uncover those stiff and weak ‘links’ that lead to tissue overload along the kinetic chain (see article here). We’ll provide a bespoke strength, conditioning and mobility plan to complement your running style and address those stiff and weak links.

Train Better


Did you know that most running injuries are a result of overloading muscles, tendons, joints or bones? Chris can also help design or modify your running plan, so that it spreads out those loads and keeps you running.

"The running assessment with Chris was brilliant. He came up with lots of ideas and techniques to improve my running style. When I mentioned that I had a dodgy calf he suggested different ways of strengthening the area rather than just dealing with the pain. Very impressed!"

Who is this for?

  • Runners who are frequently injured and are fed up with simply treating the symptoms. We aim to discover and fix the underlying reasons behind injuries such as Runner’s Knee, ITB Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinopathy, Shin Splints, Back Pain, Calf and Hamstring Pains.
  • Runners who want to minimise their chances of getting injured as they train for their big event.

Does this help performance?

You will only achieve high performance through consistent training, and nothing affects performance like getting injured and having to rest up. If we can help you to reduce your chances of getting injured, then you can push on with your training plan and achieve your potential.

It is also likely that fixing any major strength or flexibility deficits will help you to achieve improved performance.

In terms of improving your performance by changing the way you run, the research is not clear. We know there is not one optimum way to run; if there were then all the elites would run in exactly the same way, and a quick look at the leading group in the London Marathon shows us clearly that is not the case. However, there are certain traits common to the most successful runners that we aim to help you integrate into your running.

What to book


If you already have an injury that makes it difficult to run comfortably, book in for a standard 45 minute assessment session (or 60 minute session if you have 2 or more injuries) so that we can get basic treatment under way. The ‘Runners MOT’  is an in-depth assessment that is best carried out when your symptoms are under control and you can run comfortably.

If you are injured but you can run comfortably, it is best to book in for the Runners MOT (90 minutes). This will give us time to fully assess the injury, the underlying problems and your running style, and to get treatment and rehabilitation under way.

If you do not have an injury, and simply want to reduce your chances of getting injured, book in for the Runners MOT (90 minutes). This will give us time to look at your running style and to identify any underlying weaknesses, stiff/ tight areas and movement control issues that could cause problems in the future. We will then get you started with exercises to address any potential problem areas.

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We often get asked for recommendations for Ironman/ triathlon coaching. We can’t think of anyone better than Phil Jarvis, the Head Coach at Aerobic Monster. Click HERE to check out Coach Phil at Aerobic Monster.

Not sure if we can help? – Free phone consultation available


You may like to take advantage of our FREE 10 minute phone consultation service to talk with a Physiotherapist prior to booking any treatment. The consultation will not involve an examination but it will be an opportunity to discuss your particular problem and whether you feel we can help you. Call us on 01473 569 007 to see if we can help.

"10 weeks before my first London Marathon, I sprained my ankle whilst on a short 8 mile training run. After resting for 2 weeks, the doctor confirmed a sprain and recommended Physio treatment. I knew that I couldn’t wait for the NHS appointment, being so close to the Marathon, so I contacted Chris at Physio 7, upon recommendation from a friend and fellow marathon runner. I met with Chris for my initial consultation 7 weeks before the marathon, and I was pleased with the thoroughness of the first consultation, which included running gait analysis on the treadmill. Within a week I was running 3 miles and gradually built this up, so I was back to a 15 mile long run within 4 weeks of my initial consultation. I was impressed by Chris’ professional approach and found him very relatable as he was already a marathon runner and so, spoke from experience. I learnt far more from him about running in those 7 weeks of treatment than I have ever done, as Chris gave me advice about training schedules, diet and marathon techniques. When my brother tore the ligaments in his foot 4 weeks before the marathon, I was keen to get him an appointment with Chris and I am convinced that, without his help, neither of us would have been able to run the London Marathon, and complete it! Even with injuries, given the right Physio treatment, we were still able to run the marathon and not waste the 9 months of training and huge sponsorship drive that we had endured."

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