Physio7 are providers for most major insurance schemes. A referral from your GP or specialist may be required to validate your policy. For private appointments, you do not need a referral letter.



First Visit & New Problem (includes examination & treatment)

Single problem (up to 45 mins)  £57
Two or more problems (60 mins) £64
‘Runners MOT’ Running Assessment. Includes slow-motion running analysis (90 mins) £94
First Sports Massage (55 mins) £52

Treatment Sessions

Physiotherapy from £36*
Sports Massage** from £32*
Running Retraining session from £32*

We accept cash, cheques, BACS transfers, credit or debit cards

*Price depends on package purchased. Chris will discuss the best treatment options for you after a thorough examination

**Please note that Chris Spurling’s Sports Massages will include only soft tissue therapies. Chris will not perform other ‘physiotherapy’ techniques such as joint manipulation and acupuncture during these sessions


Members of Ipswich Harriers and Ipswich Jaffa and employees of Willis are offered use of a discount card when official ID is shown. Discounts do not apply to bulk buying special offers.

Therapy productstherabandlumbar roll

We stock a range of equipment designed to help your recovery, including spikey massage balls, lumbar rolls, theraband, hot packs, pulleys and sports tape. Call or ask in clinic for more details.  


What should I book?
If you already have an injury that makes it difficult to run comfortably, book in for a standard 45 minute assessment (or 60 minute session if you have 2 or more injuries) so that we can get basic treatment under way.

If you are injured but you can run comfortably, it is best to book in for the Runners MOT (90 minutes). This will give us time to fully assess the injury, the underlying problems and your running style, and to get treatment and rehabilitation under way.

If you do not have an injury, and simply want to reduce your chances of getting injured, book in for the Runners MOT (90 minutes). This will give us time to look at your running style and to identify any underlying weaknesses, stiff/ tight areas and movement control issues that could cause problems in the future. We will then get you started with exercises to address any potential problem areas.

If you have a new injury or a flare up of an old injury, book in for a standard 45 minute assessment.

If you have 2 or more problems, or you have a complex single issue (you may have been treated previously by other therapists), book in for a 60 minute assessment.

For your first sports massage with us, please book into a 55 minute slot.