We Specialise in Helping People in Pain Get Back to the Active Life They Deserve

Attention to Detail


We understand that your priority is to get out of pain fast. We make it our priority too.

At Physio7, we also believe in getting to the root cause of your aches and pains. Our detailed examinations uncover the underlying problems that caused your pains, and we go to work on fixing those issues.



A thorough assessment helps us to understand you, your body and your injury. We then explain things to you in simple English so that you understand it too.

We also believe that, when done expertly, simple treatments are usually the best. That means mobilising stiff joints, releasing and stretching tight muscles, controlling and coordinating your movement patterns, strengthening weak muscles, teaching you good postures and habits, and guiding you step by step through the rehabilitation process.

Feel the need for something fancier? We can use Acupuncture, kinesiotaping, and electrotherapy when you need it.


How do we help you get results?


Our in-depth assessment will help uncover:

  • WHAT hurts
  • WHY it hurts (those vital underlying problems)

Treatment with our 4-Step System will help to:

  • RELIEVE pain
  • RELEASE stiff parts of the neck & shoulder and tight muscles
  • CONTROL your movements to offload the painful areas
  • STRENGTHEN your body to make you more resilient

1. Ready to Get Going with Treatment Right Away?

If you’re ready to start getting relief, hands-on treatment and a customised programme to solve the root cause of the problem and get you back to the things you love, use the button below to get started!

What to book?

If you have a new injury or a flare up of an old injury, book in for a standard 40 minute assessment.
If you have 2 or more problems, or you have a complex single issue (you have probably been treated previously by other therapists), book in for a 55 minute assessment.

2. Request a FREE telephone consultation

Click below to request a completely free telephone consultation to have all your questions answered, with absolutely no obligation to book.
Not in the mood to chat? Feel free to email us a potted history of your problem and we’ll respond over email.

"Chris is my "go to guy" when I need help recuperating or rehabilitating. He has fixed several different ailments on many occasions, and over the years I have learned the importance of seeking help as soon as possible after the injury occurs. Chris has consistently given swift, accurate diagnosis, on the spot treatment, provided a recovery plan & follow-up enquiries & advice. Fantastic knowledge & great communication. Top fella. Would not hesitate to recommend."

What to expect from your first session?


At your first visit you will be asked questions about your current problem, general health and medical history. You will be asked how your symptoms started, where they occur and what aggravates and eases them. The better you know your problem, the easier it is for us to help you! With your consent, your physio will then examine your joints, muscles and other tissues.

At the end of the examination, your physio will discuss their assessment of your condition, openly and honestly. Often we use models of joints and muscles so that you have a clear idea of what is going on. You will have the chance to ask as many questions as you like. Your physio will then discuss the options available to treat your problem so that you can make an informed choice about your treatment. In most cases, the first session will also involve treatment of your problem.

If you need more sessions we will book them at your convenience. Our aim is your quick recovery and as little disruption as possible to your life.

It is helpful to bring a few items to your physiotherapy appointments:

  • Shorts, if you have a back or leg problem
  • Ladies- a strappy vest top, if you have a neck or shoulder problem
  • Reading glasses if you need them
  • A list of your current medication
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