Online Physio for Neck Pain

Are you suffering from pain and discomfort at home?

Feeling stiff, tight and immobile?

We’re specialists at getting to the root cause of your pains.

We aim to go beyond pain relief and leave you feeling fitter, stronger and more mobile.

How Does Online Physio Work?


We meet using a video app. Physio Chris will take a thorough history of your injury, your training, your lifestyle and your general health. He will assess the injured area, then guide you to perform movements while he observes via the video feed.


We diagnose your injury and create a bespoke treatment and rehab plan. Chris will teach you tailored exercises, which are sent straight to your phone or email.


Chris will provide you with the tools and advice you need to start your rehab journey. You can ask as many question as you like on a follow-up email, and book follow-up appointments at your convenience. We want to ensure that pain relief is long term, not just a quick fix.

Now we know what you’re thinking…….

How can physio be performed online? Isn’t physiotherapy a hands-on profession?

The honest answer is yes and no. Skillful hands-on treatments can certainly improve the lives of our clients. But they are only one part of solving a patient’s pain puzzle.

What’s really important is that we get to the bottom of your pain puzzle with a thorough assessment, then provide you with a plan to fix the problems areas AND the underlying problems we’ve uncovered.

All that can be done effectively online.

In fact, if you’re interested in self-managing your back pain long term, online sessions have the added benefit that the focus is on self-management from the get-go. We’ll provide you with all the tools and advice you’ll need on your rehab journey.

Online physiotherapy has proved to be effective.

There is evidence that 3 in 4 muscle and joint injuries can be solved by advice and rehab alone (ref. Chartered Society of Physiotherapy).

No Risk

And we give you a 100% money back guarantee. If, after a thorough chat, you don’t want to proceed to the physical examination, or if we don’t feel that would be the best thing for you, we don’t charge a penny. No charge. No hard feelings 🙂

What our clients say

With each treatment I felt much better, and by the final session I was off medication and living a normal life again. I can honestly say that physiotherapy has given my life back to me, and cannot thank Physio7 enough
Marie Moore
(neck pain)
I have the greatest respect for Chris and can only thank him for his professional, friendly approach, which made the entire process a relaxed and worry-free experience. I am confidently recommending Physio7 to all of my family and friends
Chris Dobson
(whiplash injury)

Hi, I'm Chris Spurling

Chartered Physiotherapist and Founder of Physio7


  • 20+ years experience treating musculoskeletal pains and sports injuries
  • ‘Master of Manual Therapy’ from the world renowned University of Western Australia
  • Trusted by all major insurers, international athletes and weekend warriors alike
Neck pain can be painful, debilitating and extremely frustrating. I understand this completely from my own historic neck pain problem; I’m afraid that even physiotherapists are not immune to the odd ache, pain or niggle!

Overcoming neck pain can be a complex job, especially when you have been suffering for months or years. It is usually a combination of weakness, stiffness, tightness, poor movement patterns and postures and sometimes some misunderstandings about your body or the nature of your injury.

The first stage is to identify and treat the sensitive tissues, to get you out of pain and able to function again. I think of this as treating the ‘urgent’.

Next is a more in depth look at those underlying problems, to help prevent further injuries and allow you to perform at your best. This might involve mobilising tight joints, releasing and stretching tight soft tissues, showing you how to strengthen your weak areas, or correcting sub-optimal movement patterns, postures, training practices or mindsets. I think of this as treating the ‘important’.

To make sure that this important work gets done, I devised a unique 6-step treatment system that borrows from some of the best minds in physiotherapy, osteopathy, soft tissue therapies and psychology. Over the lockdown period, I've found that the 6-step system works surprisingly well during online sessions.

If you’re like me, you won’t want to simply cope with your neck aches and pains, you’ll want to overcome them and thrive. So I look forward to working with you.
Chris Spurling


1 x Assessment

£ 45
  • 1 x online assessment
  • 1 x email follow-up
  • 1 x home exercise progression
  • Up to 45 mins

1 x Treatment

£ 40
  • 1 x online treatment
  • 1 x email follow-up
  • 1 x home exercise progression

Bronze Package

3 x Treatments
£ 110
  • Save £10
  • 3 x online treatments
  • 3 x email follow-up
  • 3 x home exercise progression

Silver Package

6 x Treatments
£ 195
  • Save £45
  • 6 x online treatments
  • unlimited email follow-ups between sessions
  • 6 x home exercise progression

Gold Package

12 x Treatments
£ 360
  • Save £120
  • 12 x online treatments
  • unlimited email follow-ups between sessions
  • 12 x home exercise progression

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