Neck Pain and Whiplash

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Efficient and Effective

We want to help you to achieve long term relief, not just a short term fix. Our Physiotherapists aim to get rid of pain as quickly as possible, but also to treat the underlying cause to provide a long lasting solution.

“After being involved in a car accident, I was left with lower back pain and severe whiplash injuries to my neck. This caused me to suffer from broken sleep, time off from work, and I was unable to carry out my normal sporting activities.

I visited Physio7 and after 2 sessions of physio manipulation, plus doing the exercises I was taught, I was free from the lower back pain I had since the accident. I had a further 3 sessions which cleared up the whiplash injuries to my neck, and now I am back to where I was prior to my accident. Thank God!”

Keith Walker


We like to keep things simple with our 2 stage approach. In Stage 1, we aim to identify the sensitive tissues that cause your pain, and figure out your major underlying factors. You may have stiff joints in your spine or shoulders that are contributing to your pains. You may well have tight soft tissues, weak muscles, or poor movement patterns and postures. Perhaps your training is loading your neck in a way that adds to the problem, or you might have some beliefs about your body or the injury itself that affects the way you function. With a thorough assessment, we can identify the most critical factors, and start to improve the way you function. Stage 1 is all about helping you to cope with your neck pain.

Stage 2 is more in depth rehabilitation those underlying problems, to allow you to perform at your best. After all,we don’t want you to settle for coping, we want you to thrive!

“Following a minor car accident, I was referred to Physio7 for treatment on my neck and shoulders. I had been in constant pain for several weeks, but in only 2 sessions I was able to reduce my pain relief.

The therapist mobilised my joints and I was given exercises to keep my muscles loose. With each treatment I felt much better, and by the final session I was off medication and living a normal life again. I can honestly say that physiotherapy has given my life back to me, and cannot thank Physio7 enough.”

Maria Moore

What to bring

If you have neck pain, it is helpful to bring a few items to your physiotherapy appointments:

  • Ladies- a strappy vest top, if you have upper back or neck problems
  • Reading glasses if you need them
  • A list of your current medication

Not sure if we can help? – Free phone consultation available

You may like to take advantage of our FREE 10 minute phone consultation service to talk with a Physiotherapist prior to booking any treatment. The consultation will not involve an examination but it will be an opportunity to discuss your particular problem and whether you feel we can help you. Call us on 01473 569 007 to see if we can help.